Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slacking off

It's not like I fell into an abyss or suddenly fell ill, I'm just a slacker. 5 whole posts and I've already started to slip.....man.

Quick recap of the last couple weeks. 2 weekends ago was the Schaeffer Farms Spring trailwork day. Dave Magill had a long list of chores as the winter wind and ice storms wreaked havoc with my local trail. This provided sawmeister DKEG with plenty of work and a couple surprises. Did I mention David's unhealthy addiction to trailwork?? Anyway, I thought I'd get a little sawing action in as well, but alas, it was not to be. I played the roll of swamper in our little comedy and Harry was along for the ride as well. The three of us rolled around to the pre-determined points and cleared the winter blow downs. At the same time we had to block off and camouflage all the ride-arounds that developed over the winter.....when the trails were closed. We made good time, had some fun and gave a little something back to the trails. One thing that is particularly annoying and that we discussed as we were hauling rocks is.......people. The parking lot was full of cars, not an uncommon sight at Schaeffer, and yet the number of people who show up for these work days is such a small percentage of the user base. Sure, they are polite enough as they ride past you and say "thanks", but rarely will they stop and ask if they can be of assistance. Apparently our trails are built and maintained in the wee hours of the morning by woodland ferries and gnomes. Okay....phew......rant over. I feel much better now. If you're still out there, thanks for listening.

After we wrapped up the trail work, DKEG, Liz and myself headed off to Leesburg VA to pre-ride the Bakers Dozen course. Of course, a little post-work/ pre-ride refueling was in order and 5 Guys was on the short list. Nothing quite like filling your belly with big ass burgers and fresh cut fries before a ride. Mmmm tasty! Stomaches full we headed through Poolesville and over to White's Ferry. Quick boat ride to the Common Wealth and David was feeling at home. The race course is just on the other side of the river and you can actually see the ferry from a couple places while riding. The course itself cuts through and around a dairy farm and is 7 miles of sweet single track with minimal changes in elevation. 325 feet over the 7 miles.......that's pretty freaking flat. There are several distinct sections to the course and the variety is quite pleasant. The builder, Rob, has even added a couple TTF's to keep it fun and add a little challenge while racing. There is this great little video that was shot at last years inaugural race. I think it is really well done and captures the true "grass roots" feeling of the race. This year things may be a little different as the promoter had to cap and close down registration. 375 racers will be in attendance, almost double from last years race. Everyone who did it last year raves about the race and the course is even better this year. More single track and fast. I can't wait.


Dkeg said...

I can swamp also.

Todd said...

I would never take a saw outta your hands sir.