Monday, April 28, 2008

Burgers and a Beer

Were my reward after an impromptu 1903 ride with The Outlaw. We had to scrub the original plans for a "Tour de Patspsco" due to significant rainfall the night before. Terms like "peanut butter mud" were enough to dissuade the group from attempting the tour. With a dirt ride out of the question, a nice gravel road ride is always a good substitute. The graph tells the story of how our ride began, with a climb. There would be no "easing" into this ride. After the initial climb, we had rolling hills with a few steep climbs to keep us honest. Spinning fixed for 50.4 miles along some of the most scenic roads Frederick county has to offer. RiderX pegged it when he said "beats riding the couch". Amen to that! Thanks for the ride and your hospitality.

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riderx said...

Yeah, good ride. Thanks for coming out.