Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been getting very excited about the Leesburg Bakers Dozen. A great local race that is now in its sophomore year. The race was so well received last year that for this go-round the promoter had to cap the registration at 375.......which it filled several weeks ago. True to form, I procrastinated until it was almost to late. We were lucky number 332 out of the 375 cap. Not quite a nail biter, but, I'm glad I didn't wait another day. Could have been S.O.L. That would have sucked because just about everyone we know (in the biking community) is going to be there.

The Keg Meister and I will be representing G-Town....or is it Avalon. I guess with the recent sale of G-Town, the Elkridge shop will have to be the new clubhouse. Anyway, our little commune will house the trio of George, Hall (George) and Troxell and a couple friends riding the race solo. Liz and Carlo will be turning cranks along the Potomac for a cool 13 hours each......hence the name, Bakers Dozen. I bet you already knew that, didn't you. Our next door neighbor's include a strong showing of the Outlaws. They have several teams with a total of ten inmates rolling this Saturday. Directly across from us, Jim and the PedalShop crew have a sweet pit that even includes the carpet from their former location. How's that for comfort! Next to those guys, Larry (MOBL) has a large chunk of real-estate set aside for the Bike Lane team. The list goes on, but you get the idea. It's going to be a party...I mean race with lots of good friends.

Updates and pics will follow after the party.....I mean race. Dang.

Wrench Out!


riderx said...

Freakin' great time and great company this weekend!

Todd said...

You said it! I can't wait til Big Bear now.