Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Wheels keep on rollin'

About a week ago I picked up a Reba for the donk. Tim from The Bike Site got it from Misty who got it from her demo fleet. This little beauty may have had a couple owners, but, she is in great shape and has found a home on my Spot. I bought the fork with the intention of using it once in a while for some longer endurance races. You know, where the big wheels and a bit of squish would go a long way in keeping my old bones happy. Well, after yesterdays ride, I think I may be a total 29er convert. Frank, Tim (different Tim) and I got in a nice 20 miles in the watershed Sunday morning. TimD came down from State College and rode my 26 inch bike, Frank rode his DISS and I was rolling on the newly squished out 29er. The combination of big hoops and silky smooth travel ate up all the rocks the shed threw at me. Just a few minutes on the new setup saw me smiling ear to ear. I smoothly cleaned things that are a 50/50 proposition on my smaller wheeled bike. I can't wait to get some more time in the saddle. I guess the 24 hours of Big Bear will give me that extra time and then some.

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