Friday, March 28, 2008

One of those days.

Jason , Frank and I loaded up and headed out on what was shaping up to be an incredible Wednesday after work ride. I had already done a 45 minute warm up loop in the southern half of "The Shed" and we were headed to points north for the main attraction. Frank busted out the RFX for this excursion so I thought it only appropriate to suggest the old free-ride trail. This is a great little section of trail that has a lot of natural and a couple man made TTF's. There are some great little rock drops, skinny slab rolls and a ladder thrown in for good measure. Frank was on point, I was rolling second and Jason was sweeping. Frank was picking all the right lines and it was BY FAR my best run down that trail. Everything was just clicking. I was trying to stay on the doctors tail and flow his lines as he found a rhythm that couldn't be beat. We stopped at one particularly questionable drop to scout it out. Trying to figure out if it was rollable, if it needed to be hucked or if we'd just wimp out and take the cheater line to the right. Jason and I wimped out and took the easy line to the right. Frank had other plans. After spying a decent landing zone Dr. Longtravel did a small pedal kick to lift the front and half rolled/ half hucked the rock. Stuck the landing like it was his job and left Jason and I standing with our jaws agape. I got one shot of the drop and was able to convince him to roll it again for a second picture. The good doctor obliged and made the second one look just as easy as the first. I wish I could say the same for my picture. In my excitement I got the drop at it's apex when I really wanted to capture him with a bit more air between the rock and his Turner. Still looked good and we were humbled by his......fortitude.

High 5's all around, I packed up the P&S and we pressed on down the trail. I was still having the ride of my life until a small gap in a couple rocks caught my front tire and drove me into the unforgiving rocks. My left leg took the brunt of the impact. I sizable piece of flesh was removed from my shin, a divot to the knee and one to the ankle were my offerings to the trail gods. I was the "official" blood donor for the ride. Stiff and in pain I walked it off a bit as the guys took care of my bike. A few minutes went by to regain some sort of composure and we were off again, only this time my mojo was gone. The one saving grace is we were almost to the bottom when my mishap occurred and all the good stuff was above us.

Dumped out onto the goat trail and I had doubts as to the length of my ride. The leg was twitching like a typewriter and the endorphins were noticeably absent.

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