Monday, April 26, 2010

Customer Service- Alive and well at Carbon Drive Systems

I had to follow up on my last post.  A rep from Gates Carbon Drive Systems read my review and suggested I call them.  Well, I just got off the phone with Steve and my faith in humanity has been restored.  My call was taken immediately, I was never put on hold and was treated to exceptional customer service. 

Steve asked a couple questions about my drive, cog/chainring sizes and belt length.  He informed me that once the belt starts making those sounds, the carbon fibers have been compromised and the noise will only get worse, which is exactly what has happened.  I was also informed that the smaller cog combo likes higher tension due to reduced contact area.  Initial setup is very important and running the belt at a higher tension is much better than less tension. Good things to know.  Armed with this new information, and my cricket gauge, I look forward to installing the new belt.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I really love the Carbon drive and hope to get it sorted out.  Hopefully it'll be here in time for the Maximus this Sunday.  Talk about "trial-by fire".

Steve, thanks again for the exceptional service. It's great when a company stands behind their product and takes care of their customers.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like from your May race that the Gates is up and working properly. Maybe you could give a follow up.