Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riding bikes is fun

.....or at least I thought it was supposed to be. I went for a little road ride today, trying to beat the impending rain. While I was out, I passed 6 other bikers. The first one looked like a casual kind of rider, no flashy kit or bike, just out for a ride. As I passed, I said howdy and he tossed out a waive and a smile. The next 4 guys were the polar opposite. Team kits, weight weenie rides, hell, one guy was simply sporting a euro bike cap sans helmet. I tossed out the same greeting to each of these guys and nothing. No nod, waive or acknowledgment that I was even on the same stretch of road. The last guy (#6) cruising down the road on his "comfort bike", he knew what it's all about. He took the nano second required and returned my greeting.

2 thru 4.......WTF??


Anonymous said...

I always like when I see a guy like those 2 thru 4, and then proceed to leave them in the dust on an up hill on my heavy fixed gear commuter and gear.

That's makes me smile, and forgot that some people just don't get it.

DaveG said...

Most roadies are nice. At least that's my experience. You'll get the occasional a-hole, but a lot of those guys are simply very focused on riding/suffering.

I wave at everybody I pass, and I'd say I get 95% of the people to return a wave.

Shannon and Dave said...

The wave is often a little two-fingered flick from the handlebars or just a nod. Don't underestimate the handling skills you develop riding mountain bikes. I've had several very experienced roadie friends crash at stoplights or stop signs because they can't balance.

Todd said...

I ride just as hard as any of these guys, but, still make an effort to be nice 'cuz I'm having fun. I'm not singling out roadies either. No where did I use that term. I've met plenty of these "focused" people no matter which surface type I'm on.

Suffering at my job= no fun :(
Suffering on a bike= big fun :)

If they're not enjoying themselves, it may be time for a different hobby. Just saying.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

2 out of 4? done well, boy!

I'm usually about 2 out of 10, and I'm good looking! ;)

Well, the DC suburb area is, admittedly, much douchier than where you are.

pabiker said...

Easy pickings - the road biker being an ass and later getting "shown-up" by said author story isn't exactly a new one.

There are all kinds everywhere. I even know a few pricks who mt bike.

What alot of folks don't understand (especially recreational mt bikers) is that most road racers training could care less about besting some chump on a mt bike - they are riding slow on purpose. Ride slow = race fast. These guys get their thrills on Saturday or Sunday mornings racing a field of equally-strong, equally competitive, racers, who are all there for the same reason - that rarely exists in mt biking. Even mt bike racing where you get to pick the category you race in - WTF is up with that?

I have been lucky enough to ride with alot of people on and off the road and find equal temperments amoung both groups. By far, the strongest cyclist I have ridden with the ones who could punish me the most were road bikers.