Sunday, March 29, 2009

Destination Brewpub

Rolled up to Frederick with DKEG today. Cloudy at first with the threat of rain, then the sun popped out as we approached Sugarloaf. This has happened to David and me in the past. A questionable ride turns beautiful in the shadow of the mountain. We made good time and decided to grab lunch and a beer at the Brew Pub in Frederick. An outside table on this beautiful day seemed like a good call and patio filled up fast. Joe and julie met us for a beer and the weather changed quickly while we ate.

Dark clouds and gusty wind moved in and the temperature dropped like a rock in a matter of minutes. Our beautiful day was slipping away and we were only half done with the ride. Moving inside, we finished our beers and decided to get moving. The sun re-appeared, but, ominous clouds were ever present. Headed south we were trying to out ride a fast moving front and got caught near Urbana. A little later that same fast front passed us and the sun emerged again. This was going the be the pattern until the rides conclusion. Our only real concern was the lightning we saw off in the distance. A little rain never killed anyone, but lightning......that's another story. We had to deal with some rain, but, the lightning and thunder stayed well clear, thankfully.

For a day that started off questionably, I must say we had a great ride. Sure, I had a couple flats, we got caught in some rain, but, considering the weather yesterday, I think we came out ahead. Just under 65 miles, a couple IPA's, a plate of calamari and a chicken wrap. That's a pretty good day in my book. Thanks for the ride DKEG!

and the photos.


Anonymous said...

What time did you leave Frederick? I was in the same predicament. I rolled out of Frederick on my way home to Elkridge at 3:00. The radar looked good, but I saw the same clouds as I headed out. Got really lucky, just a couple drops after New Market and a few more nearing Columbia. Lots of puddles near home, so I must have just missed it.

Todd said...

We left G-Town at noon. The sun popped out around 1-1:30 and was beautiful until mid way through lunch. Then it kept switching on us the rest of the ride, rain then sun and back again. I think we left Frederick about 3:30-4.