Monday, December 8, 2008

Sno n Meeshow

After numerous emails (what happened to the flow chart?) and some grumbles about cold weather, the Sunday ride was finalized and we stayed with the original Michaux plan. Camps opted in late Saturday night and there was still no word from Scuba Steve....or anyone else for that matter. Saturday saw some flurries and a nice dusting on the ground by Sunday morning. There was a definite chill in the air as the G-Town/Burg contingent headed north to pick up the Big Dog. Upon arrival we were happy to see Tony, who apparently showed up around 10 the night before, was going to join in the fun. Of course, true to form, Tony and Darius had to tinker with something before we could leave and this mornings project was Tony's bike mount. Once we saw the Allen wrench go through the sunroof we knew it was going to be a "special" day.

We met up with Larry at the Totem Pole parking lot and the wind was howling. Any expose skin was instantly stung with the biting cold of an icy wind. Questioning our sanity we moved to a slightly less exposed parking lot and that made all the difference. Layered up and with a pre-ride taster in our bellies we headed up the mountain for a long sustained climb up yellow. The dry snow on top of the leaves made for limited traction, but, at least we weren't cold any longer. Larry and Darius played tour guide and the trails took on a whole new personality with the wintery covering. Several of the trails we hit I have ridden before and a few were new to me. All were good. Michaux has some exceptional riding and I highly recommend making the MBM rides if you want to explore the trails.

We stopped periodically for photo ops and to talk about possible routes. Half the stuff up there doesn't have a name, so, make sure you travel with someone in the know. When in doubt just call the trail "connector" and go about your business. It was on one of these "connectors" that "that guy" Tony lost a chainring bolt or two and tacoed a beautiful Boones Ti chainring. In the process he also broke an arm of his crank spider. With no hope of repair his ride came to an abrupt end. At the road the guys inform him of a road route back to the cars which is mostly downhill. Not one to send a person off alone, I opt to hang with him and get an early start on the beer drinking. We walk, roll down and push our way back to the cars and crack a couple 60 minutes upon arrival. The rest of the crew is only 20 minutes or so behind us and Larry invites the lot back to his place for beer and Chili. Of course, we have the obligatory stop over at the Chambersburg Pump Track for some heart pounding, thigh burning fun before the feast.

Big thanks to Kim & Larry for the hospitality.

Pump Track

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