Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble gobble

Turkey day 08 was spent down on the Eastern Shore with Grandma. Sunny skies and mild temps meant we were not hunkered down indoors all weekend and we made the best of the nice weather. Got on the road in the early am Thursday, breezed all the way to the beach and proceeded to stuff our faces most of the day. Mom was a little bummed when the turkey came out under-cooked and had to go back in the oven. Fortunately, it was only my family and we just continued to fill our bellies with crab dip and clams casino until the bird was done. Since Jonathan's birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, he received several gifts from Grandma and I had to split my time between eating and putting Transformers together. Jackie got a few toys as well cuz grandmothers just can't buy for one know.

The next day we headed down to the boardwalk to burn off a few calories. The skies were partly overcast and made for slightly cooler temps. Jonny kept eyeballing the arcades and was pestering us to no end. I spotted a flock of Seagulls being fed by a family and had the kids run after the birds. That kept them occupied for a little while and provided a few laughs for me. Of course, I was a little concerned about being crapped on by these flying rats. We escaped unscathed and decided to rent a 4 person surry for an hour. If you've never seen on of these, it's a four wheel, 4 person bike with a little canopy. Barb, my copilot, did a great job as the second engine and we really tore up the boardwalk. Just as we were getting ready to return the bike, I hear a voice calling me. Turns out the Kings were down for the weekend as well. Steve, Tracy, Sam and Maddy (with a couple friends) were staying in Bethany and were killing time on the boardwalk as well. We chatted for several minutes and bid them farewell as we had to head back to Grandma's house and round 2.

Back at her house I start pulling out Xmas decorations and help to get her house ready for the next holiday. The kids are back at it with their new toys and Mom is cooking up yet another feast for Friday night. It's going to take some serious rides to work all this food off.


pabiker said...

We rented a surry in Rehobeth a couple of years ago and it was a good time. Sounds like you had a great time.

Todd said...

Yeah, as gay as they seem, they are a lot of fun with the family. Looks like you all had a good time in State College as well.