Monday, September 27, 2010

Anaerobic Assault (aka. Beer Runs)

The Tractor hosted another Beer Run Saturday night.  We staged from Bucks "Love Shack" and rolled over to the top of Scientology. This was the hill that crushed my will to live at The Curse of Dark Hollow and gave me my first DNF.  Fortunately, we were going down and I thought all I had to do was hang on and hit the brakes once in a while. Well, there was a bit more pedaling involved and the 1 minute start intervals meant you never knew how close you were to the person in front or how closely you were being chased.  Only thing to do is gun it from the start and keep the needle pinned the entire time. This hurts when your legs are stone cold, you just finished a turkey and bacon sandwich and washed it down with an IPA at the top of the run.

I blew a couple turns that came up alarmingly fast and took out a shrub or two. I was, however, was able to keep the rubber side down and not t-bone any trees.  That's a good thing considering the lack of oxygen impaired my ability to think rationally and see clearly.  17 minutes (or so) later we were down at the bottom, cracked another beer and waited for the remaining riders.  One more beverage for the climb back up to the Love Shack and then the drinking got serious.  Brett and Donna brought 4 kinds of homemade sausage and tossed them on the grill.  A clear sky and harvest moon made for a great night under the stars.  I was going to hang the hammock, but, decided to simply racked out in my car for a few hours. Rolled out around 6 as I had to get back home and prepare for the Ed Sanders cross race at 10. Good stuff.

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