Friday, July 24, 2009

El Cracko

The Thursday after work ride was pretty good, for the most part.

We had our doubts at first that it was going to happen. There were some dark, nasty clouds over the mountain and you could tell it was dumping up there. We checked the radar at the Big Dog's and saw that it was a thin, yet severe, band rolling through and would "probably" move out quickly. So, we had some nice beer and cheese at his house and waited for the storm to pass. After 20 minutes or so, the heavy clouds were gone and the sky looked promising. As we drove up it was raining, hard at times, but Darius promised there would be sunshine, rainbows and unicorns at the top of the hill. We had to wait about 5 minutes more when we got to Sandflats and sure enough, it cleared up and we had great weather the rest of the ride.

Sure, we got wet from water on the trails and all the wet leaves, but, the trails were in good shape and there were no mud puddles. The rocks were slick as hell and that made for some interesting slides over them. You had to hit stuff square on or risk being ejected in random directions. This added a whole new challenge to trails that aren't the easiest things to begin with. When you cleaned a section it was fun, super fun. Getting denied could be painful.

At some point, I think it was on F2, Darius' bike made a sharp "clinking" sound and we looked it over for cracked tubes, loose know, the usual. We didn't see anything and pressed on. Took F2 over to Viper and went north towards Salamander. On the road Frank shot a couple rocks with his front wheel and Darius responded in kind. His bike made the same sharp "clink" again and a second inspection reveled a cracked top tube. Cracked about 3/4 the way through at this point. So, road ride out to the lot. A quick PBL and a toast to another fallen frame and we finished up with burrito's at Poblano's.

I think the Big Dog needs to look into an armor plated dirt jumper for his next bike.


riderx said...

Two words: Jones Titanium

Todd said...

He'd have to sell a couple kids first I think. ;)

It's funny, just yesterday I was thinking "if I sell my 22 foot sailboat on a dual axle galvanized trailer, I could afford a new Jones...maybe". That's kinda scary.

riderx said...

What's scary is that you have not already posted the for sale ad for the sail boat ;)

Todd said...

LOL !!

Believe me, I've thought about it.

YUEQ said...

Another fallen frame.

Todd, did I see the baby blue Spot yesterday? Are you going to the darker side and pick up a Jones?

brett said...

At what point do you start questioning the rider and not the frame? Of course, now that i posted that, my On One will implode on the next ride! Darius is hell on frames!

Todd said...

Yueq, not anytime soon...if ever. I love the Jones', but, it's juts not in the budget. The Blue Spot is safely hanging in the garage. I've been riding the Vassago lately.

Brett, I think I've found the frame for Darius, a Santa Cruz Chameleon. The thing looks to be bulletproof.

brett said...

I had one. It was bulletproof. And rode like a brick. It would work fine set up as a 69er, though--built to take up to a 140mm fork in 26er guise.

pabiker said...

I don't need another 69'er as I still have the JOOTS.