Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

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The 3rd annual Halloween Ride @ Schaeffer has come and gone. We broke some attendance records, again, and I may need to ask for an exemption from the rider limit next year. This ride gets more and more popular every year.

I blew out of work a little early to get the tricks placed out on the trails and couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Sunny, high in the sixties and crystal blue skies. This made the task of pulling a heavily loaded BOB trailer seem at bit less nauseating. Spider webs, ghostly brides and a variety of seasonal favorites peppered the trails on the eve of Halloween. Tricks in place I headed back to the lot for a quick beer and some final preparations. About this time a number of people were arriving including the Big Dog and DC Tony. Darius busted out the State Farm mascot bear and Tony did his best Dark Knight impression. Actually, most everyone came in costume this year, a nice change over the weak showing last year. Cathie won the "sexiest costume" award with a nice skin suite, Stoner got best decorated bike, mainly because Cathie already won something (she REALLY likes Halloween) and Jim got "most dangerous" costume. This goes out to the person who has the greatest chance at bodily injury do to costume malfunction.

After the awards we broke down into smaller groups and hit the trails. Some of the motion sensors didn't quite go off like I was hoping, so, some things were less than spectacular. However, we had some very spirited riders and they more than made up for the malfunctioning props. This year we even learned of an old graveyard from the 1800's out on the yellow loop. DKEG was tinkering with his wheel so a few of us went in search of the pre-civil war burial ground. Sure enough it was just up the gravel road a couple hundred yards. Tuck away off in the woods this old, unmaintained cemetary had the makings of a bad horror flick. You know the story line, a bunch of panksters get hacked to death while violating a grave on Halloween. Pretty standard stuff and I'm sure I cursed myself with some bad juju as I laid down for a photo opt in one of the depressed graves.

The pleasant daytime temps faded with the sun and some of the crew was getting a little cold. Several stream crossings and wet feet didn't help as the group was whittled down. By the time we hit the yellow/blue playground our original group of 12 was down to 4. Darius, DKEG, Jim and I pressed on and hit the interior yellow and crossed over to the white. We decided the hour was getting late and split up to retrieve the tricks from the trials. Some of the other riders beat us to most of the props and back in the lot we learned only a few remained on the outer white. Jim volunteered to give me a hand and we finished our task as fast as we could. Back in the lot a number of people waited for our return and then we met the rest of the riders at DogFish Head Brewery for some post ride libations and food.

Another Halloween ride for the books. People are already talking about next year. I can't wait!

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pabiker said...

Hats of to Todd. Far and away the best Halloween ride I've ever been on! Great props, peeps, trails, and DFH fish & chips afterwards. The most fun 25 people can have in the dark on bikes.

The real cemetary complete with 1855 tombstones and unearthed grave was a nice touch.

Schaeffer is a great place to ride in the dark.